About DigitallyInked


My name is Saptarshi Chakraborty and I am a Website Designer & Developer from Kolkata, India. This is the website for my business, DigitallyInked, a website that I built for myself as both a personal project and as a place to showcase my work.


As you have probably noticed, I provide two kinds of services through DigitallyInked. First, and most importantly, I Design & Develop Websites for individuals, businesses and non-profits. Second, I provide help to other people to integrate Open Source projects into their workflows.

I am a technical person by nature, although I happen to believe that creativity & design are universal concepts that can be applied to any field of study or work. DigitallyInked aims to be a reflection of that philosophy and I aim to merge a good solid technical base with good design. I hope you like what you see.

I have been making websites from mid-2013 for a partnership business that I started along with a friend called Phoenix Nest Enterprise. Due to issues with timing, we deciced that it was for best to put the partnership business on hold, and I then decided to continue on through DigitallyInked.

I have mostly used Joomla! for my development work because of it's nice blend of technical flexibility as a CMS system and ease of use, however, I am also quite capable of using WordPress as well. These days, I have taken to doing websites by coding them using regular HTML, CSS, PHP & Javascript, along with some external libraries like jQuery & the BootStrap Framework from Twitter.

This website is an example of a site done entirely from scratch using the above mentioned technologies.

I have been using Open Source projects from around 2012 till date. Like many other people, my first brush with F(L)OSS, or Free (Libre) and Open Source Software was with GNU/Linux, more commonly known as just Linux. The very first free, linux based operating system that I ever used was Ubuntu, and I was blown away by exactly how much you could do with a freely distributed operating system. I use Arch Linux these days, but I still maintain a healthy respect for Ubuntu, and other Ubuntu-based distributions.

These days, I do all of my work using Open Source projects. My business runs entirely on Open Source. And I like to urge other people to do so as well. The security, stability, reliablity and customizability aside, the cost savings alone make it worth the time.

Do give it a shot, it's really not that hard.

This website isn't fully complete yet, and I plan on making this as good as I can possibly make it; which, I expect, will take some time till I can consider it complete and as close to perfect as possible. Coupled with the fact that I have to complete projects for clients before I can touch any of my own stuff, this will probably take quite a bit more time. Which is a shame, really - I like working on a site like mine with complete freedom - but I suppose that this is a fine problem to have.

I aim to update the site with some degree of regularity, maybe only a little at a time, so do feel free to visit the site to check for shiny new stuff. If you want to contact me you can use the links on the bottom of the page or just visit the contact page to get more information.

I would love to hear from you regarding any suggestions that you might have about the site and, of course, business opportunities are always welcome.

Enjoy your stay.